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Ear buds claim not working

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Is anyone else have trouble accessing the benefit to claim their ear buds. When I click on claim your ear buds it takes me to a blank screen. Also live chart is not available for this. Really annoyed and get get talking to someone 

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I cant  even find it on my phone

Same here wonder can the shop get them ?

Success, I used the links on here rather than the app, just gotta keep reloading when it crashes will work eventually, took me an hour lol

I think mine completed but not sure. It was on the screen where it uploaded my digital pre order proof and then suddenly went back to the start but did say Claim ID with a number next to it at the top. Do we get any confirmation the claim has gone through and is waiting to be verified ? 

I finally completed the  claim. Just try at a less busy time, the servers are overloaded with requests.


Gotta wait 7 days now, for a response.

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I've been trying all day finally got to the bit after the upload proof part and then it said they were doing matinence again and now it says my imei code has already been claimed but I've had no confirmation or no way of even noting If it's worked. ..

Managed to do mine as well finally 

Further to my post above, I now know my claim did not complete as I've done it again and finally completed it. The last page gives you a confirmation with your name and claim ID number etc.  It also gives you a link to track your claim so I checked that and it confirmed my claim has been received and is being reviewed and will get an update within 7 days.

I am still on a blank screen giving up and going to bed

From Devon

I am still getting the sorry we are down for mainenance, then it goes back to the start of the claim again!

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