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Dynamic Lock Screen - Custom Albums?


As the title says. The dynamic wallpaper is a neat idea, but is there an option to use my own photos? And if not, will this be something that will be implemented?

@jamieholt: Sadly it isn't possible to use your own images exclusively in the Dynamic Lock Screen, however you can include one of your own images, and swipe left to see the Dynamic images. To proceed, please go to Settings > Lock Screen > Dynamic Lock Screen > Tap the 3 dots in the top right > Settings > Use My Image As Wallpaper. I don't have any news about a Gallery specific option, although this is something that may be included in future updates or products.

I see! Well that's a shame. But I'm sure there's proably a third-party application out there that does the job or something. Thank you for the information! 👍🏼

Our pleasure, @jamieholt!

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Go to settings - wallpaper settings - gallery.

From there it allows you to select up to 15 images from your gallery.

Kindly if any one could provide me the solution. Dynamic wallpapers aren't working in my Samsung a71 they aren downloading an error arises when I try to download

Screenshot_20200908-091654_Wallpaper services.jpg

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Yes there is!

Go to settings>Wallpaper settings and there you can choose an option that says "Gallery" and you can choose your own pics!!😁🤗


Hope this helps!! Hehe

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