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Dual Sim vs Single Sim


Has anyone done a side by side comparasion for dual sim vs single sim battery life?


I'm aware it's not an exact science but would be interested to know how much using 2 sims affects battery life



Superuser I
Superuser I
I haven't. But I have the feeling from my personal usage that it does indeed require battery life (Due to the requirement of having a constant connection to both networks). The amount isn't in the extremes in my opinion, but I definitely notice it.

As a very rough test I disabled the second sim (and my secure work profile) last night and my drain from 100% overnight went from .9% an hour to .4%.


Seems a significant difference but part of that was likely attributable to the work account not syncing 

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Superuser II

I don't have exact numbers but when I plugged second SIM into my S9+ I experienced significant desrease of battery life.

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In YouTube there is a person called phonebuff, he runs a few tests comparing the two battery life. But I'm not sure if the exynos one he has is dual sim or not.

Yea he did but I think he just did the sd vs exynos under identical conditions (I think all the handsets have the capability to take 2 sims), but if I remember correctly he only had 1 sim in both handsets at the time 

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