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DPD Notification


So the time is nearly upon us! 


24 hours until people should start receiving those lovely DPD email and texts to let us know the phones are on the way..


As abit of fun I set this topic up so people can share the time they get their notification that there device is shipping to them, just abit of fun 🙂


So when you get your delivery heads up, let us all know here!

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Has anyone received their PHONE?

Meant to come on Saturday and hasn't arrived. 

Website says dispatching since 21st March

The support desk not based in the UK is rubbish. Promises of call backs from managers to provide and update that never happen etc.

Just want to know when it's coming no one can tell me.

I'm going to cancel and move to Huwaie or Apple. I've been chasing for 5 days now. Sat in all day Saturday. Waited around for ring backs. Terrible customer service.

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