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Dex and Netflix

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Hello !


I need your help ! When I'm connecting my S10e with a usb-c to HDMI cable form the brand "Spigen", Netflix doesn't work.

In both Dex and Mirror, each time I start an episode I receive an error. After a few seconds working properly, it then gives me the error 5.7 in streaming or 120.2.5 with downloaded episodes.


Youtube and other apps work.


I used the Dex Labs option to resize apps and I tried the option to force resizement in development options.



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Are there any updates on this? I am having the same error, it's still not fixed on the note 9. 


I met the same problem on Samsung S8 and S9+. I'm interested in solution as well. 


I just got my s10 plus n the type c to hdmi cable. I m having the same trouble too! And the weird thing is it (netflix) plays for a few seconds fine, then an error message ccomes. Is it a trick that netflix puts in for Samsung for whatever reason?


I just got the s10 and still have the same problem. As far as I can tell its an encoding error due to the coding netflix uses as I have an old TV. Another theory is that using dex through an hdmi cable doesn't allow feedback or something which is why it works for a few seconds before cutting out.


I've tried everything and it seems its simply not possible for whatever reason. Its a software issue and I'm not sure why Samsung wouldn't fix this considering they are trying to push this as a laptop replacement. Seems like a major oversight. No netflix, prime, disney+... just, why?

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