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Clear View Cover - No notifications




I've bought the S10+ with the corresponding Clear View Cover.
I have an issue regarding the notifications while the case is closed.
If I put the phone with the case closed on the table and I receive a notification, there is no way for me to know that I've received a notification.
The only thing showing is the clock/date. No notifications and no battery percentage (This is however shown on the AOD without the case!).


I have noticed that it CAN show the phone status with the case closed (clock + date + notifications + battery percentage *) by doing the following:
The screen is ON and I close the case. This will show the said phone status*, but only for a few seconds, then, after a few seconds the screen fades away and only the clock/date shows again.

The only way to know that I have a notification waiting (and of course from which app) is to leave the Clear View Cover open.
Another "solution" is to manually pick up the phone to see if there is a notification waiting for me.
None of the above solutions are, of course, not a valid solution!


I have the latest software update installed, and also everything updated in the Play and Samsung Store.


So my question is:
How do I turn on notifications while the Clear View Cover is closed?
How do I turn off the "Hide notifications/battery after a few seconds after closing the case"?


Have a wonderful day!

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The answer here is you don't.
I've been in contact with the Samsung support for a long time now, and finally they admitted it just simply doesn't work and was never meant to, even if they use it as a selling point. NEVER SAMSUNG AGAIN, *****ing hustlers.

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I have the S10 but hopefully this workd for you... SETTINGS > ADVANCED FEATURES > ACCESSORIES > NOTIFICATIONS > now turn on SHOW ALWAYS ON DISPLAY which it probably already is so turn it off and back on again. That's worked for me! 👍

Hi, and thank you for your reply!


I think you have misunderstood the problem here.

The problem is that the notification icons disappear after a few seconds.

To reproduce the issue, do the following:

1. Receive a notification (Snapchat, Messenger, Youtube, Gmail etc.)

2. Click the Power button on the side of your phone.

3. Make sure you have a notification icon from the app you received the notification from on the Always On Display.


What happens now if you open/close your Clear View Cover is that the notification icon will appear through the Clear View Cover when it's closed, but only for a few seconds, then it will disappear for some reason

This way you'll need to manually pick your phone up to see whether you have any notifications.

The same happens to me too. The text displayed on the AOD is slightly different that the one displayed when the cover is closed. The text with the closed cover is slightly smaller and, of course, the notification icons are not there. There have been three updates of the AOD app that were supposed to fix this very problem, but it is still here, I cannot understand what Samsung fixed in three consecutive updates. The solution proposed by JJ666 hasn't worked for me.
Right now, the cover is practically useless and it's a really expensive one. Unfortunately i cannot have my money back.
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I can't believe this is still an issue. How on Earth is the Clear View Cover supposed to be useful if it doesn't display the notifications like the "normal" AoD, or if it doesn't work with Edge Lighting ? The entire point of the cover is to have a durable protection for the screen AND be able to see everything on the lock screen. I don't know if it's an issue or if it's by design but either way, it's pretty disappointing.


This my problem too

I want my money back


I can't even keep my Clock on display? I've changed the settings, restarted the phone but still it just vanishes after a few seconds 😞 useless and very dissapppointing!

No, the clock, at least, stays on. You probably have to check your settings.
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that's also my problem ... I will want to cash backc for this broken product...***** Samsung

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