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Cannot turn off HDR


While I am awaiting the return packaging of this phone (yes, cannot bear the visible fingerprint reader issue) I have noted something else while messing with the camera


You cannot turn off HDR in photos.


Normally, you take a pic and the HDR icon appears telling you it is going to get stuck in after you take the shot. Take the phot and view it and you can see this happen.


Now, in the camera settings, turn off the "HDR (rich tone)" option and the icon no longer appears when you are taking a photo.


Take another photo with HDR and look for yourself


HDR kicks in and the 2 photos look IDENTICAL


And yes, the scene optimizer is completely off.



Was this a complete rush?

I think we're all unhappy with the camera on this device sadly.
Yes, there have been 2 updates since release but the problem is still there 😡😡😡 everything else is good but this is annoying

I just want to understand what's the point off this forum if no one replies from Samsung on an issue like this?

It's 25.10.2019 now, and it's still an issue. An unsolved issue. Shame. 

The only way to "disable" HDR if I shoot Burst shots, so the phone doesn't have "time" (capacity) to apply HDR on all photos... 

I still can't understand, how is it possible that "HDR Off" means "HDR sometimes on, sometimes off" for Samsung... 

Will be it fixed ever...?

Did anyone came with an solution?


I really don't think there's a solution for this other than using a different camera app. The HDR looking post-processing applied on the pictures is on purpose and you can't turn it off. It's probably part of the race between companies on making photos that people like the best. And people are stupid.


On the iPhone, there's also a weird HDR looking post-processing, my friend with off HDR sending it to me all the time. It's just ugly even on the iPhone.


Use Gcam or buy a proper camera, they not gonna fix this as nothing is broken. 

btw this is so funny. such lazy programming Samsung, get your sh*t together


Still and Issue. So weird. Every other manufacturer allows you to shut it off. Also every other manufacturer has the option as a button on the camera interface. I don't care about beauty features let me swap that out for actual HDR control.

Truth. Focus groups consisting of soccer moms and moderately informed tech enthusiasts end up deciding this

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