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Cannot transfer mp4's but can transfer photos from s10 to PC via USB

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I Cannot transfer mp4's but can transfer photos from s10 to PC via USB.

I have selected the various usb choices in the phone drop down and when i select the photos, it shows up fine on my home pc, but when i flip over to files, the s10 dissapears from the menu and i cannot find videos. 

Both are visible on my work pc, so i gues it is my laptop, but it did work fine until yesterday.

Is there anyone who knows an easy solution or another way to easily transfer videos (MP4') over? 

Many thank in advance for any help, and please forgive me if this has been asked before, but i use very little IT and all the apps i found found so far, do not allow both devices to talk to each other...


You should use USB for file transfer and using Windows Explorer, copy/paste to your PC.


Hi, if i understnad you correctly, this is my issue, i can do this for photos, but when i change the usb settings to files, the phone disappears from the explorer menu. so i cannot drop and drag, as i did before?  My PC will only see photos and not files or MP4's MP3's etc.  


Install Samsung USB Drivers on your PC, that should sort out the issue.

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