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Can't sign up for one ui2 on S10+


On my S10+ on 3 network UK I press the banner on the beta in member's app and it gives me a error please try again later message. 

Is this happening to everyone? I would like to enter for the UK S10 beta and for 4 days it's giving me the error message. 

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Exactly the same for me, also on three and been trying at least 4 days now 

Still doing it all day today I can't believe they'd stop locked s10's from entering the beta but I have a funny feeling Samsung has.
Probably three network has Thier own beta testing I don't know how they do things I've always had unlocked phones this is the first contact mobile I've had

Hi @Gh05t and @Gavlee2010 ,


to join the OneUI 2 with Android 10 beta programme, you will need an open network version of the Galaxy S10 family (S10e, S10, S10+. S10 5G), be using a UK SIM and have a Samsung Account. That means that if the phone is locked to a particular network you won't be eligible for this. 


As of 2014, all phones from Three are totally unlocked and should be able to access the beta as I did last time on my previous Three phone, see extract from their websiteScreenshot_20191028-113139_Samsung Internet.jpg


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