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Can I use an mirrorless/DSLR-type External Monitor for the S10 and its camera?

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I'd like to know if i can somehow hook up the S10 or S10 Plus to a portable external monitor like I use for my Sony mirrorless cameras.

If so, how?

I wanted to check this before making this investment as I would like to use the S10 as a camera 2, but need an external display to see shots... this is nothing to do with screen quality, but screen position for awkward angles that important in my next film.


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Externe video output is supporter though Samsung dex but that might be slightly top exotic.

Honestly, for professional high end video production I would still recommend professional devices (Like a red camera). The phones these days are at most simply a nice addition but clearly have limitations that might have a negative impact for professional movie production.

Still, the camera is great for end users 😄

I've read up a little on DEX but im still confused about whether the camera-monitor function is supported by it... also i'd rather use a wired connection instead of wireless if possible..

thanks for the advice... I'm a comedian tho and a lot of my footage is spontaneous and i can't walk around with a red dragon in my backpack all the time... 

my desire is to use the rear-cameras on the S10 --instead of the selfie cameras-- to film my own spontaneous daily life talking head footage, but use a) an external monitor so i can see the display b) use my smartphone gimbal to stablise. i don't care if it's a bit heavy... this is much more practical for having on me 24/7 than even my Sony A7iii, which together with lens if a £4k liability i just can't bring with me to nightclubs when i'm drinking haha...

I get it. 😄

I would say, theoretically possible. It really depends if you can find a screen that connects though USB-C

If the screen is smart enough I would say its possible without DeX though the camera directly (it has to be coded for that).

Will check out if the camera works tough DeX soonish on the s9+ if it works it should work on the s10 as well 😄

do you think a USB-C to HDMI adapter would work? thanks for your help :face-with-tears-of-joy:

Yup, that will trigger dex for sure so that is the next challenge 😉
Hi Pete,

Got my testing done.

Seems that the Camera app works inside DeX. Also a fun fact, DeX seems only to trigger when there is a power input and an HDMI input though the USB-C Cable, which means that it would just operate like a phone with only an HDMI Cable (At least in my case). You can also manually switch back to screen mirroring if you like :smiling-face:

thanks for the info :smiling-face:

complete technical noob here, to make sure there's a power connection in the usb-c/hdmi cable to engage the S10, i need to buy a monitor that runs straight off the hdmi? 

so you can just mirror the phone's screen onto the monitor?

USB-C has a minor power output, HDMI has none. So if you go for HDMI I expect that you require an external power source. I wonder if the power from USB-C is enough to power a screen though.

And mirroring is pretty much possible :smiling-face:
Here is a trick i learned on my previous note 9. Tested it on the s10+ and works a charm for what u want.

I have s10+and a samsung smart tv. I basically opened any video in my gallery and used smartview to project onto my tv screen wirelessly. I clicked play until it started playing on my tv then while it was clicked the home button on my phone, once the short video ended my home screen appeared on my tv, i clicked camera and voila mirror image of my phone camera on my tv. Just a suggestion if you have a wireless monitor you can use smartview to project the camera or whatever to the monitor like i do. I dont know if there is a way to launch smartview onto the tv to mirror the phone without this method. Works a charm when i want to stream videos from the internet browser that dont launch on any player like footy game streaming etc much quicker to do it on my phone than using tv browser :smiling-face:

Give mh method a try n tell me what u think.
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