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Bluetooth S10+ won't pair with anything ( not just car)


So yesterday I thought it was just the car; after going round everything I own I can't get a thing to connect via Bluetooth 


Anyone else having same problem? 


Tried Bose speaker, sound bar, Tv, Fitbit, car ( which has totally messed up the Bluetooth system altogether in there nothing will connect noe not even my old phone which was fine the day before grrrrr!!!)

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I am having the same problem. Would love a solution 

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I had success only after taking the cover all the phone and pointing the device at the back of the phone!!  Not sure if that had anything to do with it but gave me success after 20 mins of none!


Me too.This really sucks ,samsung S10+ won't pair with anything ( not just car) bluetooth

ue roll speaker as well. Have to connect it with audio wire. 

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Annoying by Bluetooth connectivity problem on Galaxy S10 plus & S10? Here's how to fix Galaxy S10 Plus Bluetooth connection issues. S10 Bluetooth problems includes can’t pair with car’s Bluetooth or Bluetooth connectivity issues etc. Try below given methods:


1st Method: Disable S10 plus Bluetooth and then turned on again


2nd Method: Make sure S10 Plus paired and connected


3rd Method: Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus can’t pair with car


To fix S10 Plus Bluetooth can’t pair with car, clear all connected devices from car’s Bluetooth list. After delete all devices list, refresh the car’s Bluetooth and then connect S10 plus with car Bluetooth. 


Connect Galaxy S10 Plus Bluetooth with car’s Bluetooth

Make sure turned on Bluetooth on your Samsung galaxy S10 Plus and galaxy S10 One UI 1.1 devices.

Open car’s Bluetooth > Search > Select your device’s Bluetooth name > Confirm PIN if asked (try 1234 or 0000) > Accept 


4th Method: Reset network settings on S10 Plus


Settings > General management > Reset > Reset network settings > Reset settings > Reset settings


I hope one of the above method useful to fix Bluetooth issues.


I've done all this. I went through all the phobe tech support fixes. Cleared cache, cleared another cache, deleted all devices from phone and from car, reset all network settings. Nothing works. It's specific to my car only. There is a glitch in the programming. And, to make matters even more annoying, my local best buy Samsung representative is never available!!!!! 


I had the same issue with my beamer but connected fine after an android update. Coincidence?


Mine stopped working after an update. It was fine for the first weeks after I got it. And the problem isn't my car because my husband and my friend can both connect their phones to my car and I can connect my phone to my husband's car. It's specific to my car and I'm so annoyed. 

My bluetooth connection is just unstable. It will connect via my car's bluetooth or with my Sony SBH54 bluetooth headset, but it will randomly disconnect, especially in the first 5-10 minutes. Once it achieves a stable connection, it will stay connected, but it may take some time.

Thank you! I was starting to curse while wanting to pair my sony headphones to my phone and holding down the power button worked.  My bluetooth paired up with the car easily. I hope it does again since I reset everything trying to figure this out! 


I have the same problem with bluetooth headphones, B&W P4, they cannot be found on the list despite extensive clearing of cache, starting from scratch, factory reset etc etc.


I have had Samsung phones for years and this by far is the most dissapointing one so far, need a fix for this now Samsung, come on !!!!!!!!!!



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