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Bluetooth pairing


My new S10÷ cant pair with my 2018 Mini car.

It can see the car's bluetooth connection but won't pair.

Before you ask

1) my S7 connected and worked fine

2) my wife's old s5 pairs and works fine

3) my wife's  new OnePlus6T pairs and works fine

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Bluetooth 5 is backward compatible with Bluetooth 4, 4.1 4.2 

To my knowledge S8/was also Bluetooth 5

This was happening to me too, found this possible solution...

- Open Settings
- Search for "Optimise battery usage"
- Click on "Apps not optimised" and select "All"
- Search for Spotify and disable battery optimization
- Done!

Seems to have worked with me! Hope it works for you too!

I have Bluetooth problems with my BMW also (OnePlus, iPhones, Huawei devices all fine) - I can pair but then it won't transfer my phone book across - a few minutes later it'll lose the pairing completely and I have to start from scratch.


Maybe a Firmware update can fix??


This might work... I see that bluetooth is on the "Optimized" list. So if the phone screen goes dark after not being in use, this could impact bluetooth connectivity. I am going to go through this list and get things fixed. I called Samsung today and they were no help, so this from you is a gift! Thank you.


I also cant pair my 2018 MINI Cooper. I spoke to Samsung and they weren't much help but I do suspect that it's a problem at BMWs end and needs a car software update. I did speak to my local dealer but they hadn't had anyone ask about the problem so I've sent a message to MINI customer support this evening asking them about it. I'll let you all know when I get a reply.


I have a BMW F30 2015 model, it wont even detect the car. Removed the old S7 device (which worked fine) and did a reset on connections, nothing.


Going to give this  a try, been listening to spotify through my car bluetooth, the screen goes dark and the music stops then I have to double tap on the screen which starts the music playing again. 


Try the solution from Julian_c on this thread. Seems to work for me albeit a tad hit and miss. Obviously Samsung has problems with the S10 they need to solve....


I had this issue pairing to my jaguar XE 15 plate, my issue was the device would pair then disconnect and loop continuously.


I did this, which seem to stop it.


Settings \Apps system apps (by touching the three dots and selecting Show system apps)


Select Bluetooth\storage\data and cache and clear.




To your car, clear the pair device 


Then go thought your car pair up. Once pair on your S10 Bluetooth go to your pair car kog and you will only have.






Message Access (some may not do this)


 You need to down load the contacts to car, this took me a while due to my phone looping, but once my contacts were down loaded, the Bluetooth connection became solid and I can now make calls again hands free in car.


I hope this works for you all that are having trouble with Bluetooth in car.   


Has anyone solved this issue yet, I have tried all suggestions to no avail. My S10 will pair with my other car, gear, but each time I try to pair with my mini cooper (2019), the phone can see the car but will not pair. I have cleared the cache, disabled spotify. Getting very frustrated with it all. There must be a software update from Samsung that can fix this issue
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