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Bluetooth Car Email Notification Glitch

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Hi guys,


Wondered if anybody could help. Hoping this isn't a car issue and is a simple phone fix.


I've had my S10+ connected to my car since I got the phone in June without issue until now. Previously I had the S8+ connected without issue.


Essentially what is happening is an email, usually not a recent one but the 2nd or 3rd most recent, comes up as a notification. If I click read it won't load but I can't ignore it either. I can also hear notification sounds coming from my car every 30 seconds or so. It's a Peugeot 108 Alure 2018 but I've never had this with this car before.


I've tried unpairing and repairing without success, it sorted it for one 20 minute journey yesterday but was back again today.


Weirdly I've noticed my emails have suddenly stopped syncing as regularly. I've checked the settings and they should be. Unsure if that's linked.

@Danny-r: If you go to Settings > Notifications > Status Bar and select 'All Notifications', does this help? Similarly, if you open the Email app > Tap the 3 lines in the top left > Tap the cog in the top right of the pop-up window > Notifications > Show Notifications > On, then enable each 'General' notification category (emails from VIPs, snoozed emails etc) does this resolve your issue?

You can also try going to Email Settings > Select your email account at the top of the screen > Email Sync Schedule > Set Sync Schedule > Auto (when received) > Sync schedule while roaming > Using regular schedule > Back > Limit Retrieval Size > No Limit

No that doesn't help unfortunately


I think there's a glitch in the mail app. I just noted an email come through and I tried to delete it as it was spam but the notification kept reappearing. I then noted my battery was a lot lower than normal and noticed this.Screenshot_20190715-123739_Device care.jpg


My phone was fully charged as of 7:15 this morning.

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