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Bixby Routines disables Wi-Fi


Hi, hopefully someone can help with this problem.


I'm having a problem with Bixby routines keeps disabling my wi-fi and bluetooth, this happens between 9pm and 12am at random times even though I've got Bixby routines "Allow app to control wi-fi" disabled (I know it's Bixby routines because "Wi-fi control history" tells me).


Anyone got any ideas how to stop this?




Lastnight Bixby routines turned off my wi-fi and bluetooth at 23:48 even though Bixby routines isn't allowed to control the wi-fi.


This morning I found the Bixby routine settings and complete disable this annoying thing, hopefully this will kill the issue!

Samsung Helper

Afternoon Malleybo,


There are a couple of ways to access Bixby Routines. One is to open Settings and go to Advanced Features. The other is to swipe the status bar down and tap the Bixby Routines quick toggle (the text, not the toggle itself) and then tap Details.


Once inside Bixby Routines, you can either choose one of the existing presets from the Recommended section and fill out the empty fields, or you can begin creating your own Bixby Routine from scratch by tapping ‘+’ in the upper right corner of My Routines.


It sounds like one of the automated routines has been activated, if you navigate using the above instruction you will be able to turn off the routine or amend it to work how you would like it to.


Hope this helps

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