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Battery life

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Just upgraded to a s10e from an s8 and find the battery life not as good .any tips for battery  use 


Hi @Lisashelley50 


Have a look at this useful link for some helpful tips!

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Superuser I

My preferences are...


Use a dark theme.

Use a dark wallpaper. 

Use Dark Mode.

I don't use adaptive brightness.


I turn off the battery % sign in my status bar and just enjoy the phone.   :winking-face:


If your signal isn't the best then your phone can work harder to maintain connection causing increased battery usage.


Battery life  i.e screen on time is a very subjective topic as we all use our phones differently, use different apps and have the app preferences set up differently and network signals are different.


Your phone will take a short time to learn your usage habits and should then optimise things for you. 


Also your battery won't hit optimal levels until it's been discharged and charged a few times.


Of course a person uses more battery in the early stages of owning a phone via setting it up and using it more to set it up and learn any new features etc.


If you perform a search on this forum and via google you'll come across other tips such as location accuracy settings etc and more.




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