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Battery life on the Exynos


Why is the idle battery usage so stupidly high with this phone? It's my first android and I have no idea why android fans make fun of apple users for their battery when this battery is worse than my regular old iPhone 7! 

I took the phone off charge at 100%, (I dont usually charge to 100) it was left to charge for an additional 10 minutes after it hit 100%. After about a minute the phone went down to 99% by me just unplugging it! I didnt even unlock it yet. What in the fresh hell is this bs?

Hi,can you share your battery usage please?

I usualy do 48-50h between charges, going from 100% to 20% (I never let it go below 20%). If I were going from 100 to 0% I would probably do 60h. This is with Medium power saving mode and Adaptive Power enabled. AOD set to show on tap. Screen brightness on auto but reduced, someting like 15%-20% brightness in the dark, maybe 70% in bright light. System wide dark mode enabled. Every app (that the OS lets me) set to go to sleep when not used and restricted background usage.

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