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Hey there,


So I knew years ago about Android updates. For example, Android 10 is out and samsung still does not have it. I am used to iOS. Every one gets the update the same day.


I do admit I have no idea what is the difference between 9 and 10, but how long does Samsung usually take to get the updates?



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What happens with android too is it depends if your using a branded phone or unbranded phone @Gregoris 


i.e a phone supplied directly by Samsung is unbranded and as such it's updates isn't held back by a network wanting to test the update to make sure nothing clashes with their network or on their branded phones before allowing Samsung to send it out.


Personally I'm more happier to wait for any bugs etc to be further ironed out before updating it onto my phone.


If you Google Search and look at YouTube videos you'll see what Android 10 brings to the table.


From recent experiences Samsung do seem to be much faster as sending out the updates.


The thing with iOS and Apple it's TRUE they want the same iOS on as many iPhones/ iPads as possible but that can have a negative impact too.


Older idevices may not be able to handle the new iOS well or have certain parts of it not available due to the limitations of the hardware not to mention recently people became aware Apple were intentionally slowing down their older devices via the iOS so it could handle the update.



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Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G SM-N9860_256Gb SnapDragon 865+

Samsung One Ui 2.5/ Android 10.



Thank you for your reply and help.


I did buy the phone directly from Samsung. I hate buying devices from Networks and owing them money. Sim only deals are always btter IMO :smiling-face: So I won't wait as long, which is good.


You are right about iOS. Some times there is an iOS release within days of major updates to fix bugs, and recently there are not many updates within the year, apart from bug fixes, but I do like being able to install updates from day one.


Does it matter where I purchased the from? Or once Samsung rolls out the update then it is available to all with a samsung world wide?


I tend to buy the phone every year, so I never had the issue you mentioned, but it does start to lag badly on older devices when you keep upgrading your version of iOS.


Aside from that I am really loving my Samsung s10+.

A person purchasing a Samsung phone directly from Samsung and using the phone in the country it was released in will generally receive updates as soon as they become available once Samsung are happy theres no major problems with it.


After all I believe no one would want to go from having a stable phone to an unstable one all for the sake of maybe a few enhancements.


Of course Security Patches are more important.


A person buying a Samsung phone from a reseller may have a different csc code on the phone which from my own experience can result in slower updates.


Phones purchased directly from Samsung should have the BTU csc code.


A person buying a phone from a network generally has to wait for that network to test updates before allowing Samsung to push them out.


A person buying a phone in one country and then using it permanently in another country has been known to get updates slower.


The Note 10+ 5G I'm using is a joy to use and a powerhouse when it comes to its features , display and battery.



Current Phone ~

Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G SM-N9860_256Gb SnapDragon 865+

Samsung One Ui 2.5/ Android 10.



That does make sense. Apple control everything so they do the testing and then add the phone when they feel happy it is ok, even though some times it is full of bugs like the Facetime bug, you could call the other person and they did not even have to pick up to listen to them.


But the Networks have no say. Like it, don't like it. Every one is getting the update :face-with-tears-of-joy:


I checked and I have the BTU code, but I bought the phone from England and use it in Cyprus. I do use it in England and have used tons of data there, but no calls or texts.


I would rather just samsung check the update and roll it out to us rather than wait for my network as well.


I knew years ago that google gets the updates first, but I think this samsung is good. I can actually use two physical nano sims and have 1TB of space. The camera is amazing, crystal clear.


I doubt I will try to take it under water, but I am sure I will buy the next samsung, maybe the 11 or the 12. I am not familiar with how the releases work. I will find out soon enough.


I also noticed you can backup your samsung without paying crazy amounts per month as well as all your video and photo. I was so happy with that as it meant I got to delete most of my iCloud backup and have it on the samsung cloud instead for free.


I also hear this might be the last samsung with a headphone jack? I never use it. but I can imagine if it has a second speaker like apple how good the sound would be.

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