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Android Q beta


Any news about android q beta?

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@Mereutacristian: No news just yet, I'm afraid. I recommend staying tuned to or the Community moving forward to keep up to date on all our latest news, or check the Members app on your device for details on how to apply for the beta when it's launched.


@Mereutacristian wrote:

Any news about android q beta?

Android Q really doesn't appear to have anything noteworthy to it, except some privacy fixes and a few things Google is changing which I'm sure is going make people mad.


It doesn't appear either that Samsung is getting Q in the early and first release, that is only for certain manufacturers just like last year with Pie. The final for Q isn't even released yet and set for sometimes this month. Once the final is released, Samsung needs to go in and make their changes and see how they can add as much of their bloat to it that most people don't want and don't use.


I would not expect Q on any S10 device until at least sometime in 2020.

Apparently Google are now dropping the  sweet  moniker  some have come to love, though probably more of a challenge with  the latter letters of the alphabet- however sure we could think of a   few :smiling-face:  


Q will  just be known as Android 10 and considered to be time for a  fresh start and different marketing.


I mean next month we can have android 10 beta for samsung 🙏


@FatonMorina wrote:

I mean next month we can have android 10 beta for samsung 🙏

That's highly doubtful.. If you wanted early release of Android you needed to buy a different device that actually works with Google

Its now in germany android 10 beta for samsung


Can you please post some screenshoots

Sammobile. have an article up..... Begin checking Samsung members everyday mode for me 😂

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