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Android 10 OneUI 2.0 BETA


Post your screenshoot and news about Android 10 BETA WorldWide HERE!

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Germany and Korea beta is live now!

Patients awaits the UK rollout. 


I'm in UK still waiting.


If you want to you can download and sideload it:


I'm going to wait and try and grab one of the beta slots personally, but we have options at least.

Hi all was just adviced from a Samsung rep on live chat that the UK beta for Android 10 for S10 & S10+ will start this week around Friday 18th

Brilliant information, thank you. Was literally googling it when I got your notification.

The Beta for S10/Note 10  looks to be imminent for Uk,  Android Police states  customer representative gave a  date of 21 October for the Note 10.   They  mention it will be available  in China, France, India, Poland, Spain, and the UK "in the near future" 



For India..

The lack of a "Coming Soon" banner in the UK Samsung Members app, would suggest to me that it won't be happening tomorrow or Monday here..

Maybe Samsung mods can comment further now?

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