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Android 10 OneUI 2.0 BETA


Post your screenshoot and news about Android 10 BETA WorldWide HERE!

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How is it working out for you.


It's only Google Assistant voice not working on Android Auto that is an issue for me.

yes all good a dont use any off they apps lol

Hello Beta Community...


Hope everyone is fine..


Anyone able to install and use Galaxy Wearable???



Hi ye I installed 2 or so weeks ago.

Looking for my previous post about Android auto having no sound in beta, for those that are seeing the same issue it should be noted I am seeing mine when I plug my phone into my auto mobile interface. Android auto seems to work fine when it's running on the phone only. Plugging it into the vehicle produces no sound output or a chopped up audio feedback that is not audible.


also note if you play any games and move to beta they might not work 👍.. just tryed with call of duty black screen after start up 👍


I have another issue in addition to no sound from Google Assistant on Android Auto. This is a pain.


If I take a picture and then share with WhatsApp the picture will not be sent to WhatsApp. This error also occurs when sending the picture from Google Photos or Samsung Gallary or from the the camera app as mentioned. At the moment I simply use the paper clip within Whats App.


Sending pictures to Telegram or Samsung messages works fine for me.


Samsung has reported the issue to WhatsApp. Fix on the way.


It's only no sound from Google Assistant on Android Auto that is a pain. 

I must admit I dont have any issues with photos but any that we do ment to send error through Samsung members report error to make them aware of what's wrong. I have an issue with good lock some the notistar and task changer not working, they said it will work properly when the true android 10 is available.
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Does anyone know when not10 plus in uk is getting the update. 

Hi they updating Samsung series first which started on November 7th for second beta update so think they are seeing how it goes for them first.
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