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Android 10 OneUI 2.0 BETA


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20191022_094927.jpgSo this is the response I got when I spoke to someone on the chat today and I haven't sent a error report as she suggested.

Hi guys. Can confirm  that the Beta rollout was temporarily halted in the UK. (See SachikoT's posts here and here.)


Definitely keep a regular check on the Members app; but if any of us Mods do hear anything before you guys do, we'll let you know.

Can't get in northern Ireland yet


Please read the last couple of replies, Beta has been halted. No one can get it to Beta now. 

Why is the UK always last for updates??

It's unacceptable that they released an accidental build and 4 days later we have not got an update to rectify it they shouldn't be focusing on rolling updates out to new countries before providing us users with the accidental firmware with an update 

Ah ok, sorrry about that, just annoying its advertised as rolling out

Downloading now uk

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