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3rd party app pictures darkening with new update?


Since the latest June update, pictures taken on 3rd party apps (Snapchat in my case) are ALOT darker than they used to be, is anyone else having this problem?


Is there any way to sort this out?

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Yes I have the same problem 

On my s10.  Happens on snapchat camera and Instagram camera 


Any one know a fix 

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Hey there,

I have the same problem on my S10e. In apps like Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp the picture is getting darker after it's been taken.

Same problem with my s10. Happens on snap, insta and whatsapp. A good way I found to counter it was to use filters. Try it out
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Yes, superannoying as the pictures get REALLY dark sometimes.

Still no solution or update coming?

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exactly the same! I thought it was a phone fault. mines with Snapchat and Facebook/messenger. I can't use filters as they don't seem to change them enough and even on a bright sunny day the photo is so dark you can hardly see it. fine when take it then it flicks.
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i Also have same issue


Same problem, Galaxy S10e

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note 10+ 5g UNRESOLVED

Aug updated

Send a new update Samsung !!!!

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