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Worst camera ever

(Topic created on: 31-05-2020 09:52 PM)

Now had the S10e for over a month and so regret getting it.
I have used Samsung phones since the S2 and always been impressed with them.
My S8 contract was up and I was considering waiting for the new Google phone as read good reviews about their cameras but decided to stick with Samsung.
The camera on a phone has become one of the most important parts as I had stopped carrying around my larger camera.
Anyway, got the S10e as the curved edges were not important to me as I always case my phones.
Read loads of great reviews for it, all praising the quality of the camera in all lighting conditions.
Anyway my experience with the phone has me believing this is the worst quality camera I have had on any phone.
Photos are blurred, grainy and full of noise.
Low light shots indoors are quite abysmal.
Skin seems to have wax like blobby patches, overall quality of the shots are really poor.
For my first time with a galaxy S phone I feel completely ripped off. I believe there is an update due now but what I have read suggests mostly gimmicks like writing on photos. 
Rather than having food shot modes is there any possibility of just having a simple no nonsense auto mode that takes the photo as it should be, no need for beauty mode, bigger eyes etc. Just sharp accurate pictures.
I do truly regret getting this phone and if I was still in cooling off period I would return it.
I am so disheartened with it that I will never, never buy another Samsung phone, it has so annoyed me. I may yet get rid of it and move to the Google phone when I read reviews for it at launch.
I will also be making sure anyone who asks me about it are left in no doubt about the camera issue which I have since found to be well documented but totally ignored on this discussion group.
I find the lack of recognition and response by Samsung to posts on this group to show a total disregard and lack of respect for their customers.

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It's a shame your not happy with the camera aspects of your phone @doc1964 


We all perceive photo quality different so someone like me may not see the detail you do.


Have you perhaps tweaked the settings of the camera to see if that helps ?


The Moderators on the Samsung Community Forum do respond when and where necessary.


We as fellow members try to help , guide and advise too.


I'm not confident a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre would be the place to visit for a diagnostic as it sounds like the phone is fine but just not producing the quality of photos your happy with.


I would therefore recommend to send your feedback via the Samsung Members App  / Samsung + as this will then go straight to the relevant department.



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The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help. " This is the way. "


Hi there and thank you for your input. I have been really pleased with the cameras on all of my previous galaxy phones, with each new phone they have got better and better until this iteration.
I was really looking forward to further improvements but am so disappointed with the photos taken with the 10e.
Right from day one my wife complained about the pictures taken and would insist on taking them again using the s8 that I had passed on to her.
A friend even asked me what I had done to pictures as they thought they were worse than those taken previously using my old S8.
What is really disappointing is that once I did a Google search for S10 poor camera quality I found loads of posts, many of which are on this forum.
I appreciate that people view things differently but in this instance, i.e. low light picture taking, the camera is truly abysmal. If you zoom in on any picture taken the lack of detail and amount of noise is so apparent. I have adjusted settings but to no avail, I have also read posts stating there is a bug whereby HDR is always on even when you choose to disable it and this can contribute to the poor quality.
As I mentioned, each time I have upgraded my phone I have found the camera to get better and better, this time however and expected more of the same this time, it has really went backwards, so much so that if there is no software fix soon then I can see myself taking a hit of several hundred pounds to get rid of it, that should never be the case. Thanks again, cheers.


Just to add to my frustration, just read an article about the upcoming S11. In this, it states Samsung will be looking to have an improved camera as the one in the S10 does not compete with Google pixel 3 phone.
Sorry, but I cannot remember reading anything but glowing reports about the camera when reading initial S10 reviews.
Almost like they were fake or influenced reviews.

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Odd. I'm quite happy with my Images. Granted, I'm no David Bailey and the cameras are not Particualy special compaired to a decent standalone camera and I agree on the indoor images, but it meets my expectations of a mobile phone camera. Have you got it on default settings? I find there is no real need to tweak anything from stock. Outside CloseOutside CloseOutside DistanceOutside DistanceLive Focus, indoorLive Focus, indoor

Hi there, yes I have it on standard settings, have also tweaked away as much as I can but find low light shots to be worse than those achieved on my previous S8.
When I upgrade my phone I usually pass my previous one to my wife as she is not really fussed about having the latest phone, in this case however she has already told me she does not want this one.
I have been really pleased with the cameras on all my previous galaxy phones but genuinely feel that low light on this is a real backwards step.
If you Google S10 poor camera or even look at the post S10 camera not really professional on this forum you will see many people see the same issue.
Thanks again for your input, cheers.
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Hi there,

I totally agree with the OP. Under Bright daylight the camera produces good pictures. But as soon as you are indoor, or there is no brigth sunshine the quality of the picture rapidly drops. There is a lot of visible processing (noise/grain) in the picture.

For a 2019 model at this price, i feel ripped off.

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Im so sorry. This reply is in the wrong phone group. 


I was really wondering about this issue for a long time & didnt think that this actually happens until I googled about this ...


 I got beautiful quality photos when I first got my A50 early 2019. I first used the cam as a tourist and I was really pleased with what this midrange cp gave me. Now, 2019 is ending and Im wondering what happened to the quality I was introduced to. I even told myself that maybe the country I visited had better lighting and atmosphere 😅... Is this some kind of tactic ? They give you the best / expected only at the start? Then degrade it on purpose to make you buy the latest ones in 1 or 2 years?

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I had the same issue in the past with other phone, it was the glass which became (very) scratched, just a thought...

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it is not your fault or the cameras fault that the quality is bag. samsung cameras are amazing actually. its the lazy developers making the apps you use.