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What are we giving up with the S10e?

(Topic created on: 04-10-2019 04:04 AM)
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Love the idea of a compact flagship.. but I was trying to figure out what the S10e is missing out on..

Here is a small list of things I have noticed so far..

  • Flat screen, slightly larger side bezels (subjective, I like that it's flat)

  • Base variant comes with 6gb ram instead of 8gb on the other 2 models

  • Smaller battery (3100 mah vs 3400 and 4100)

  • Lower res screen. FHD+ (438ppi vs 550 and 522)

  • No in display finger print sensor. Its side mounted with the power button.

  • No telephoto camera on the rear

  • No depth sensor for the front camera (the s10+ has it)

  • No heart rate sensor (other two have it)

  • Gorilla Glass 5 for the S10e

  • Accurate low-gradation color expression technology is not included in the Galaxy S10e.

  • Superfast auto-focus for the rear cameras is only for the S10/S10+

Any more?

I think I could live with most of those as long as the battery life isn't terrible.

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Hi, althoulg I have S10+ I see S10e as very successfull device. To your list:

  • Flat screen is a benefit, lot of people want it. I get used to curved screen but it isn't must to have
  • 6GB is enough. I have 8GB and also when I was running Linux in Dex and Gimp with opened huge picture there was still 2.5 GB free memory
  • The smaller battery the less weight
  • Resolution: 438ppi is still better than "retina"
  • Fingerprint sensor... yes, you're right but thanks to moving it and thanks to flat screen you can use any protective glass. I prefer sensor as is on S10+ specially when I got used to use it but the position in the power button makes the sense too.
  • Telephoto: something must missing... the tele camera isn't worth for it. I don't use it excluding very good light conditions because there is lot of noise comparing to main camera. The wide camera is significantly more important.
  • I've never understood how the sensor should work. Trust me, you don't need it :smiling-face:
  • The heart sensor is really missing? It is interesting, OK, it can be important, probably Samsung pushes you to buy a wrist device...?
  • I'm not sure which Gorilla glass is better. In each case I use a protector rather :smiling-face:
  • What is the "Accurate low-gradation color"? I missed it probably? It sounds interesting!
  • I thought that all S10 versions have the same main camera. If it really has worst focus system, it isn't good, this isn't something to save 50 cents...

Yes, it would be perfect to have S10 just with flat screen. On the other hand we can be happy that Samsung is listening to customers and they have released at least one flagship device with flat screen.