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Using Samsung US trading system in Europe

(Topic created on: 14-01-2021 10:06 PM)
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Hi, so I have an exynos S10e and I've seen the huge discount in US on the new S21 lineup by trading in my old smartphone. Since the discount in Europe is significantly lower I was wondering if I could send my phone to US and trade it in for the new S21. Also I was wondering if by doing so I could encounter some regional issues. Thx for answering
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You would have to be resident in the country to take advantage of those offers @palcki 


Samsung don't ship internationally and they'll see from your account info where you reside.


Samsung phone's can also have a Region Lock on them.


Region Lock.
"All current Samsung phones come with an active regional lock when first bought. Assuming it's not also locked to a specific network, using a SIM from the same regional origin as the phone for at least 5 minutes of total talktime will disable the regional lock and allow you to use a SIM from any other region from then on."


Then there's the Samsung 2 year manufacturing warranty to take into account of as they don't apply to imported phone's unfortunately.


The Samsung phone's in the USA have the Snapdragon soc and not the Exynos soc.




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