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Unlocking this phone is a nightmare?

(Topic created on: 05-09-2020 11:09 AM)
Galaxy S10 Series

Had this phone (S10+) a couple of months now and as good as it is one thing still annoys me, so much so I am thinking of selling it, and that is unlocking it. If you've never used this kind of technology before it would be fine and you'd have no issues, however if you've used something like an iPhone X or Mate 20 Pro its painful using this phone. Face unlock works 99% of the time in bright outdoor areas, come indoors its got about 70% success rate, and if its dull its below 50%. The iphone and Huawei work fine indoors, if its dark, slightest hint of your face and it unlocks where as with this phone I find myself looking like a prat by having to hold it up to my face. Then we have finger print, that is just a disaster, that technology should be forgot about and never used again, I'm a tradesman and as such my hands often have little niks, or are dirty this simply wont work and not only that it takes about 1 second to even register that you are trying to unlock, mine only works about 1 in 5 attemps with clean hands and multiple finger prints registered. Huawei's in screen isn't great either but much better than Samsungs All this is minor annoyances but if you are unlocking your phone up to 70 times per day it quickly becomes a major annoyance.

Anyone else have these issues?

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Galaxy S10 Series

Totally understand and appreciate where your coming from @dj1891 


I work in a warehouse so my hands are not always clean :winking-face:


A couple of tips I picked up when setting up the finger prints are.

When setting up take x3 scans with each thumb and then rotate the phone around when taking further prints of each thumb so your phone can read both thumbs from the same finger print scan. Scan your prints as you would normally hold the phone.

Also using two fingers when setting up one fingerprint works pretty well.

Go into Settings . Biometrics and Security.  Biometrics Preferences . Turn Off Screen Transition Effect.

Then go into Settings and search for Optomise Battery Usage. Tap in Optimise  Battey Usage  tap to show All and scroll down to and toggle Off

For me this improved the fps on my Note 10+ 5G which I appreciate is a different model to yours but should be the same outcome- hopefully.

I also have dry skin on my fingers and so find it sometimes beneficial to moisten my fingertip before unlocking the phone.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 



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