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This phone keeps disabling my apps and I can't stop it.

(Topic created on: 18-01-2021 03:32 PM)

There are apps on my phone that I never open, because I don't need to, but I can't have them disabled just because my phone decides to get creative without my permission. Weatherbug. I use it everyday in the notification bar to see the temperature at a glance and in the notification panel if I want more info. Today it was gone. I saw someone say in the battery settings there is a three dot icon to turn this invasive feature off but my Android 10 doesn't have it anymore. But it once did. This is why I don't update, everytime I do, I lose features or something breaks. I'm really mad that this broke without me even updating, it's really upsetting that Android can mess with your stuff even without permission. (No, I'm definitely not updating to 11. I purposely, meticulously back out of that up update prompt every single morning when my phone restarts. I want THIS os, where everything worked until right now. Ugh) Here of a screenshot where the three dots were, but aren't now, even though I purposely didn't update the stupid thing to avoid this very type of situation. Is there any other way of getting the phone to mind its own business and to stop disabling my stuff? I've searched in settings and nothing. I really don't want to have to manually open every app on my phone on a monthly basis like a regular phone period because Samsung wants to take away all your freedom like apple.Screenshot_20210119-001833_Device care.jpg

thought would offer some help as saw no reply yet. the option is still there.
on screen that you took screenshot, select app power management and then switch off put apps to sleep.

Screenshot_20210118-174813_Device care.jpg


No.  That's not what I'm talking about. It's what I described.   Three dots that lead to more options like "auto disable unused apps." You'll see this option.  Here are the instructions I followed when I first got the phone.............How-to-Stop-the-Galaxy-S10-from-Disabling-Apps.png 

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I've just noticed the same problem after installing a load of apps on my new Tab S8. Half (which I haven't used yet) are all disabled. First problem I have with this is that I may not use an app all the time - but that doesn't mean I want it disabling.

Second problem with this is security. Disabled apps don't get updated so there's a huge risk - I've also verified this by checking for updates, then re-enabling an app and checking updates. Surprise, surprise, there is now an update for the previously disabled app. So let's say I haven't used my banking app for a while and there has been a security issue with the app which was updated. I enable my banking app (which was disabled), go to use it and I'm now vulnerable because it hasn't been updated. Why would you make decisions like this?!?

EDIT: Please me know if you found a solution to this.

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Confirmed on my Galaxy z flip 3. Re: the apps no longer being candidates for updates. This is a huge oversight. Samsung/Google needs to fix this. 

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Is there still no solution to this? It's getting on my nerves on my note 20 ultra. The putting apps to sleep setting is not it. I don't want my apps auto disabled!

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I found what I think you were looking tp disable.

1) Open "Settings".

2) Select "Battery and Device Care"

3) Select "Battery"

4) Select "More Battery Settings"

5) Select "Background Usage Limits"

6) Deselect "Put Unused Apps To Sleep"

7) Select "Never Sleeping Apps"

😎 Select "+"

9) Select the app you want to NEVER SLEEP.

10) Select "Add".

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Select Slow Charging instead of fast charging... along with the above fix. Fast charge switches your phone off.

Also on the battery screen select 3 lines top left... hit device optimization. Select off...

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Hawwoo, I may have found the answer to this! (*´∀`)

If anyone still needs it, the solution I have came up to was to

  • Go to [Settings] then
  • Scroll down to [Developer Options],
  • Scroll down again to the Apps section [Stand by Apps], then
  • Change my usage of the app from Rare to either Active or Working_set.

It worked for me and the auto disabled function on the app disappeared~

Hope it helps!

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I have a Samusng A7 (Android 8??)phone that's doing the same thing and it's EXTREMELY annoying!!

1) I had to reinstall government app that I use very rarely (once a year or less) because some t*** decides to remove some apps I don't use for a long time. I WANT those apps on my phone.

2) I keep on getting duplicate file notifications and it tries to delete them. I KNOW I have duplicate files, they are called back ups! Files are on the camera and ALSO on a 64GB SD card and I want them there.

How can I disable these annoying messages please?