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text to speech issue S10

(Topic created on: 30-06-2020 10:31 PM)

hi all i have the fantastic S10 moved up from S7 edge another great phone


i use my S10 hands free with bluetooth earpods (via samsung smart connect) all day long working outdoors and regulary receive a number of text messages from customers over the course of the day, my issue is .....when a text comes through, what i hear is (the TIME the text is received) and then the actual message, im not told who the text is from (99% of texts are from contacts listed on my phone) i find this really annoying as this means every time i get a text i have to stop work unlock my phone just to see who the message was from which to me defeats the point of being hands free........ on my previous S7 edge i never had a problem with texts.....a text would come through id be told message from john smith followed by message, great hands free


has anyone else has this issue and been able to resolve it.... perhaps its a bug? is there anything i can do please


tony 😉


just an update for anyone who may have had a similar problem MY PROBLEM IS ALL SORTED NOW. 


i had samsung smart connect app installed and was using tranya T1 buds which worked perfectly with S7 Edge


i have since purchased galaxy buds plus and as mentioned pairing with contacts now works seamlessly all messages both whatsapp & sms, emails etc are all announced and read out correctly 


galaxy wearable app is now used in place of samsung smart connect which has been uninstalled


would fully recommend these galaxy buds plus