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Sound distorted on high levels, inaudible on low levels

(Topic created on: 02-08-2020 04:38 AM)

I just bought a Samsung S10 5G, and whenever I plug in headphones in the headphone 3.5mm jack the sound of it sounds very distorted, as if the entire upper range of frequencies is simply not being transmitted. Turning the volume up to near max fixes this to sounding about ~70% right, yet it is still not something I can think I can live with, and having correctly working audio is a dealbreaker for me. Turning up the higher frequencies in the equalizer settings makes a *tiny* difference but it is still very noticable. I have tried different sets of headphones to rule out them being the issue, and they are definitely inserted all the way in the port. After inspecting the port, there is no debris stuck inside from what I can tell.


What is the best course of action here? Speak to Samsung customer support directly, go straight for a refund, or something else? I haven't found anyone else with this issue and I'm under the impression I'll need a replacement, but I'm open to suggestions. Thanks. 

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It could be that the phone's hardware is at issue @Chris176 and you do appear to have tried all you can personally.


If this was my situation I'd go back to the outlet that sold me the phone and or visit a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre. 


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Thanks for the reply, I was just about to contact Samsung online product support but I plugged in my headphones and now the sound is no longer distorted(?). I don't know what changed but it seems to have fixed itself (in the short term, at least). I still don't want sound that only works part of the time though. 


I bought my phone (new) from a seller through Amazon, so if the problem persists I think I'll be in contact with them.