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[SOLVED]Dex on HDMI for S10 5G - is this right?

(Topic created on: 15-10-2019 01:43 AM)
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I just bought a new (unbranded) S10 5G and am hoping to try out Samsung Dex by connecting to my HDMI monitor.


The Samsung branded adapters for this seemed crazily expensive so I thought I'd try an off-brand one from Amazon - the Q&A for this model had a few people reporting it worked for Dex on other supported devices so I went for it.


I first connected the adapter to the phone's USB-C port, then connected a USB keyboard+mouse set to the adapter which the phone recognised no problem.


But when I connected the monitor's HDMI cable into the adapter, it just went directly to mirroring the phone display on the monitor. There was no option to launch Dex.


I can find Samsung Dex, Samsung Dex Home and Samsung Dex Panel in the app manager, all running, but there are no shortcuts to launch any kind of UI for them. I did read somewhere (can't find it now) that there should be settings for it under Settings > Advanced Features but there's nothing there either.


Does anything about this seem wrong on the software side? Are there any phone (or perhaps monitor) settings I should look at? Or is it more likely just incompatible adapter? I'd like to be sure before I send this adapter back and cough up silly money to Samsung for theirs. (If anyone can recommend any other off-brands known to work, I'd welcome that too.)


Thanks in advance :smiling-face:


SOLVED: Once I supplied power to the adapter (using the phone's USB-C charging cable) DeX activated and I was able to use it in full. Happy days :smiling-face:

Galaxy S10 Series

Brilliant news, @headbank.! Thanks for sharing with us!