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Screen flashes orange or white and then turns black when trying to turn s10e on

(Topic created on: 17-11-2019 09:51 AM)
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When I woke up this morning I wanted to turn my phone on but instead it only showed alternated an orange or a white flash and then going back to black.  My phone does still respond to touches. When I tapped om my phone twice to turn it on, the screen also flashed orange and white. I unsuccesfully tried to restart my phone. I held the power button and the lower volume button pressed, I felt the phone vibrate and then my phone keeps staying orange for some time but I am unable to restart it. 


About two weeks ago I noticed a blue coloured pixel in the upper right side of the screen. Then along with the blue pixel a few more pixels in the upper right side started going black. My phone also has the blue light filter turned on. I don't know if it has something to do with it.



Could someone please help me fix this problem?


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Take it to the nearest service centre.

Kérlek nyomj a MEGOLDÁS ELFOGADÁSA gombra, hogyha az adott hozzászólás megoldotta a problémádat. Ezzel nem csak a mi munkánkat, hanem a felhasználók gyorsabb és könnyebb tájékozódását is elősegítheted!

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I have the same issue .

Suddenly after a period of two months, on a hot day, I saw the screen of my s10 going from orange or black to white. 

I took it to the nearest service center in Athens Greece but they told me that it was broken and asked me for 290 euros for screen replacement because it was not covered by warranty .......  

The display had no sign of damage at all, and I did not do anything that could break the display.  I explained that on the technician and he responded that the display broke from the inside only, by external press !!!!!!!

The phone was in my loose pocket inside the original Samsung flip cover case and I was walking and did nothing that could press or force the phone.  So of course I could not accept this.


I am totally furious with the service center, who from my understanding is a small third party company working for Samsung and is trying to make a profit from repairs and sales. 


Ι contacted Samsung support the same day and after  4 days they called me back to say that the display is out of warranty because it is broken without giving me any technical explanations on how this could have happened, or any information about the investigation they performed.

The same polite guy from the call center (located in Romania) that i contacted initially called me without having any more info to share.

 I am an electrical engineer myself and my work involves electronics, so i can understand that the technician can absolutely say whatever he or she likes since I cannot open the phone and check myself, but this is not what serious companies should do.


I am really really disappointed by Samsung as a customer. I have bought lots of products, ( smartphones and  TV )   but the first time I needed warranty coverage they put the blame on me so so easily ......

This is not the way to stay a Top electronics company in my opinion. 

I prefer to buy a much more expensive phone from another company than give them 290 euros for a repair. 

Who can say that next time there is a problem it won't be my fault again.










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Hello, I hope your day is going well. Did you ever get an answer or solution for this? Mine just did that yesterday and I was going to start with Samsung. I noticed the screen would show my regular screen partially but only a few times, when I would plug it into the charger. I wasn't able to see 2/3s of my screen but was able to guess where the numbers wedge fur my code and could shut it off from inside but nothing ever changed and now I can't get it to do it again.

Thanks :smiling-face: