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(Topic created on: 20-08-2020 09:11 AM)
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If anyone from samsung is reading this I cant return my phone to be fixed Im from Ireland, I rang support and was on hold for nearly 20 minutes, Got speaking to someone who said I'd get sent links on how to return my phone then I could do a door service fix, I said no I'm in Ireland I can't do a door step fix,  she then said if I put my mobile number in they can set one up and then oh no you can't( clearly the staff should know its only the UK not Ireland?) Then the girl said she will send me links which ive still not got?? I tried to do it through samsung site and it wont let me select the phone I'm sending back it says page error, Its an awful poor service like an awful bad s10, I wasted 20 minutes on the phone for nothing and probably put my phone bill up, I've got a lemon of an s10 with a bad camera, slow wifi speed and call reception my partners s6 side by side had signal and 25mb speed while the great s10 had nothing, p×ss poor service we cant get the house fix at home like the UK can bit unfair when we spend the money on your products to have less of a service then other countries, I wont be buying another samsung again
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@Jasonseery  Sorry you have had problems with your Device and are  unsatisfied- appreciate there will be some frustration, though experiences will vary with Devices.  I have an S10 myself and few issues with it.   I do agree though that the Door Service should be available in  Ireland and hope that will change in the future.


 I would suggest you try The Samsung site again in a little while, maybe the links will come in due course.   I did a quick test for the repair option and seemed to be working fine at my end. 

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Try clearing the cache and cookies of your browser and try again.


May i assume there are no Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centres in Ireland ?


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