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Samsung Turkey is grifter

(Topic created on: 01-12-2020 01:46 PM)
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I bought a Samsung Galaxy S10 phone in August 2019. My phone got a little bit damage(in photo) because i did not use a case in 2019 September. Which is already odd because Samsung was marketing these phone as "strong", "chic" etc. BUT if you don't keep your phone in a case all the time, these "powerful" phones are immediately scratched and/or damaged. So I started using phone cases, and because I did not have a problem as the damage was not big and appear much and I did not take the phone to service. But after 1 year and 2 months later i had another problem with my phone. This time phone screen was defect, and this defect occurred spontaneously. (Mind you i am working in home for a year now, my phone basically sitting on couch) So i go to the service and try to get help. Well, they did not give me service by any means. They made my phone out of warranty due to other damage that my phone have. And request 2k for repair. I bought this phone 4500, and i have 2 years warranty, why should i pay a damage that happen spontaneously. And why, WHY does the cost of repair is half of this phones cost. I am not gonna pay that much of money, i am not gonna have the repair service. Apparently if your phone have any other damage caused by you SAMSUNG TURKEY does not give you any free service in your warranty time even if the defect happen spontaneously and occurs by itself. "It is our policy" the service lady said. So my phone was already out of warranty in 1 month.
I have been using Samsung products for 10-15 years. But i am not gonna buy any other Samsung products anymore. I had enough. Your customer service is terrible in Turkey and they act like customer is not important for them. And Turkish people complaining about them for years now, and you dont make any changes. It is getting annoying. My previous phones broke down within a year of buying them and I paid 400-800 something to repair them. I am weird, and its my fault to give this kind of money and still buy Samsung. But thanks to Samsung Turkey, I got rid of this money trap. Because if they tell me anything under 1k for the cost of repair, i probably would have it repaired and buy my next phone from Samsung too. 



screen defect happen by itselfscreen defect happen by itselfprevious defect caused by meprevious defect caused by me


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Unfortunately the 2 year Samsung Manufacturing Warranty does not cover accidental damage in any country try including where I am in the UK @ebra 


If a person let's an unauthorised person repair the phone or attempts this themselves then the warranty is invalidated.


So as Samsung invariably need to open up a phone if a software firmware flash does not resolve a problem then the existing damage may not allow the phone to be opened without causing further damage to that already damaged area.


For example if a Samsung engineer opened up the phone and caused further damage a person may then say it's more damaged than when they sent it and and want it rectifying.


Also the initial damage may have gone onto cause the issue then being encountered.


A person is paying for the engineers time and parts and labour etc. 


Personally I have my phone also covered under my Household Insurance Policy.


I wish you all the best with this. 



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