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Samsung s10e: Too much money for too many problems

(Topic created on: 03-02-2020 07:41 PM)
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I had been using OnePlus phones for a couple of years and I loved them but they just got too big and I went with S10E mainly because of its size. I had used Samsung once before and I really hated it but given their reputation and magnitude I thought I'd give them one more try. I shouldn't have done that as I am thoroughly disappointed with this phone.


What I like:

The size, it is perfect and was the main reason I bought it but it is also the only thing I like.


What I don't like:


-Compared to my OnePlus 6T it has a worse flow, the OS just doesn't feel smooth. (Very subjective opinion of course)


-The battery isn't reliable and it seems to lose a lot of battery even when I am not using it and have all apps closed. It also gets very hot without reason and it is too warm for comfort pretty much all the time Im using it (and sometimes when I'm not).


-It unlocks in my pocket very often, even though I have their accidental touch protection activated, which only seems to "work" when I am using the phone.


-The display is something that I keep hearing is fantastic on Samsung I just dont see it. Maybe it is because I dont have the best of their flagship but I feel that the OP screen was better.


-The Samsung buds call quality is horrible, 8/10 times the receiver can't hear what I am saying and report that my voice sounds muffled. Keep in mind I have had 3 different galaxy buds and the problem is the same. Given that we had Bluetooth headsets several years ago which seems to have provided a better experience then the galaxy buds is just unacceptable given the price. (Not a s10e problem, just needed to get it out there as this is one of the things that annoys me the most)


-Given the price of the phone I expect much better value for money given that OnePlus was able to provide that experience for less money before S10e was even released. I have looked through the web for solutions for several hours and unfortunately my conclusion is that I will have to change phone again. It is really sad as Apple is the only brand that offers a "small" phone with premium features and works smoothly.


There wasnt any main point witht this post but I needed to write my problems somewhere as I am so annoyed by the experience. Does anyone relate with this? Have you had other problems that I might have missed? Have you had a better experience with the s10 series than me? Please let me know, I would be very interested in seeing what others think.  


TL;DR: I am severly dissapointed with my S10e and I want to know if anyone have had similar experiences with the phone.

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Hi @Munmek 


I'm using the Samsung Note 10+ 5G and have been really happy with it.


I can relate the the call quality on the Samsung Buds. I'm told I should like i have a cold ! That said i take very few incoming and outgoing calls on the phone using my buds.


People do see displays differently.


The display on my Note 10 is in my opinion exemplary but another person may see something different with the hugh  / temperature / colour saturation.


My phone only warms up if I'm charging it or have been extensively using it and the battery on mine gets me through at least 2 days even tho I'm a power user when it comes to internet usage / YouTube etc.


The battery in my phone is large to have the capacity to run this powerhouse. But then again battery usage is again subjective as we all set up our phones differently, use different apps and apps preferences , send different apps to sleep i.e doze and have different network signal strengths which can make the phone work harder etc.


Mine does not unlock accidentally however I keep mine in a pda vertical holster with belt clip due to the nature of my job.


I submit Samsung Phones are not for everyone as we all like different things and to be honest the cellphone sector would be stagnant if we all liked the same.   :winking-face:


I used Apple iPhones from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 6 Plus but I grew tired of how Apple sandbox both their iOS and hardware. So very little customisation. Samsung last time I checked supply displays for iPhones but apple do their own thing with setting them up.


Yes iPhones do work well at what they do as long as a person is happy with how apple want it to work, and have less customisation then if that ticks a persons wants and needs boxes then go for it I say.


May I ask what you intend to do with your phone and buds ? i.e sell them etc and buy into something else ? If something else what ?


I wish you all the best with this situation. 





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Coming from a OP6, this being my first Samsung in years it will definitely be my last one.


One thing I've learned about S10+ and the other models of S10 is that Samsung made a deal with the devils and failed to put in the Carrier Aggregration files for all the carriers. Something that OP did do in their devices so that your networking service was great.  This is just one more hint as to why service on their devices is absolutely horrid, but it's not the only reason as even their carrier phones were having issues.


There are too many devices available from various manufacturers at this point for a whole lot less money that one doesn't need to overpay for a subpar device.

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I had the Samsung as well, but S9. Why a lot of problems? It worked very nice and a lot of issuer were amazing! Yes, it costs a lot, but you buy a gadget that has everything needed. Great camera, colorful display, good battery and so on...


Hello there! I also am the owner of an S10e, but I can't seem to relate to your issues. For me, battery is fine, and I never use the power saving options. It lasts me through a full quarantine day, which is to say about 8 hours constant screen-on time. During this time, I play resource-heavy games like Asphalt 9 (Maximum Settings), PUBG (Maximum Settings) and CODM (Maximum Settings). I only need to plug my phone in at night, in which time it charges rather fast with the out of the box charger and adapter. Also, I am using an Exynos model, and I don't seem to have any issues with battery or the camera that is said to reside with Exynos devices. The OS is, of course, subjective to personal preference, but I personally like Samsung's "One-handed Use" approach, as the screen is still quite large compared to previous devices. I am disappointed with the front facing, however. This may be because of my liquid screen protector, but it's always a very noisy image/video on the front facing camera. I'm happy with the two rear cameras, and the ultrawide has proven it's worth in places like a family dinner, for example. For now, my only complaint is that Bixby comes with the device, but if I could remove all traces of Bixby I'll be happy. It would be very useful to have a fully customisable button to map to whatever you want. Anyways, I just can't seem to relate to your issues with your device, despite having the same device. Perhaps you should look into the cause of these battery issues.


Strange seeing such complains. I'm on s10+ and so far it feels exceptional. No battery issue


The buds are very well for calls, music, and everything I've tried them on so far. 


Probably you got a fake Samsung or some internal issues that sgould investigated by a Samsung reperesentant. 


Not a fan boy,