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Samsung S10 upgrade or downgrade?

(Topic created on: 20-06-2019 08:45 AM)

Ok, guys, here are my honest thoughts and issues that I found on my S10 right out of box in less then 30 minutes of use:
First of all I want to say that I'm huge fan of Samsung Smartphones. I'm not here to troll! In past I had S2,S3,S4,S5,Note 4 and now for almost 3 years now I been used my S7 edge and I love it. Amazing phone!
Now, few days ago price for S10 with 2 years contract on the Sweden Comviq operator drooped to 39 Euros with 10Gb net and free calls. I thought wow! This is awesome deal! 
It's time for big upgrade. Finally i can replace my old S7edge,it's been like ages...

Ok,I pull the trigger and order S10 120Gb (white color) and I was super excited about it! 
Just two days later i received my package, I open it up and my excitement started to go down very, very fast...

In short here what I found in less then 30 minutes:
S10 can't switch between cameras in video recording 1080P 60fps and 4K 60fps mode. You are stuck with only main camera.
S10 don't have PRO mode for video recording.
S10 have lower low light and indoors pictures quality compare to my S7 edge and my wife S8.
S10 have Power-button way up on the side which make it very hard to use with one hand.
S10 on the You-tube App has only 1080p resolution supported while my S7 edge has 1440p
S10 has no higher screen brightness when watching videos on you-tube app compare to my S7 edge tested 50% up to 100% brightness.
S10 feels a bit more hollow inside when you knock it with the finger on the back glass compare to my S7 edge.
S10 USB C charging port is soldered directly to the motherboard so If you damage it basically you have to replace whole motherboard ( For this last one I seen S10 tare-down video on YouTube)
Maybe I forgot anything...
Anyway, I got to say that for the price of 1000Euros (in most of the Sweden stores) I found S10 to be very disappointing smartphone. For me personally it feels more like a downgrade from my S7 edge and for sure not a upgrade.
What I also found a very frustrating is a fact that not even one ''PRO'' reviewers on YouTube mention any of this on their S10 video reviews!? I simply can not believe it!...
So what I did on the end? Sadly, I put my S10 back to the package and I send it back to the Comviq.
It seems that I will stay with my S7 edge until Samsung fix these issues on the S10.
If not I hope that S11 will be better. Time will tell...
Big thanks to the Comviq Sweden for letting me to return S10 back and roll back my old monthly subscription!

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It's certainly a shame you found that some of the s10 features / functions didn't meet your needs and wants @Nexi 


The Pro Mode has been a big talking point when the new Samsung One Ui  / Pie was introduced and many have sent back their thoughts on this via their Samsung Members / Samsung + App.


The s10 phones are truly powerful phones but I submit they won't be for everyone.


It's great that your Network has a cooling off period as to allow a person to have some decent usage time with the phone to help them make up their mind.


Who knows maybe the soon to be released hopefully Note 10 may tempt you.


What I suggest is that a person visits a Samsung Experience Store or Network Store that has working retail models inside so that a person can get some usage time to help make their minds up before committing to a purchase or contract.


I wish you well.   :smiling-face:



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The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help. " This is the way. "


Camera wise, I too fell it is a complete downgrade from the S8, especially indoors and low light. Battery wise is not good as well, at least the Exynos model. The QC model has good battery life and from what some have tested, even better camera results.

Helping Hand

I had most all S series and notes since the note 5, including note 9 and s8 plus. I am very happy and far from naive to the state of the camera. I find the camera exceptional and results on device sterling and spot on.

I knew what I was getting coming from the Note 9 and prior.


Mines a hybrid.

UP and Downgrade from the NOTE 9, 89 days ago.

Note was stable and just worked, S10 plus computing and funtionakity much faster.

Keep in mind I was a hardcore Note owner.

I will not be upgrading every 3 months. Its addictive and obsessive behavior.

My next upgrade will be a device with a Superior camera that rivals pixel or apple.