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Samsung s10 plus

(Topic created on: 04-11-2019 04:23 PM)
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I have just bought the new Samsung s10 plus and whilst majority of the time I am really happy, there is something that is very frustrating.

When I get a notification it comes up in my status bar which is fine and then shows as an icon badge on the app...when I clear notifications it's clears the icon badge too and its so frustrating that's its gone and you then forget you had a message etc.

I don't understand why the phone decides to clear it when it should be you and this is a feature which needs to be sorted, I believe an awful lot of people are unhappy with this and something needs to be done.

Please can you get an update out ASAP to get this rectified as I rely on this alot and believe this would make the s10 plus one of the best phones out there