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Samsung music player S10 and all

(Topic created on: 28-08-2022 12:09 AM)
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when I use the Samsung music app the title and artist text is too small for me to read easily. (I am a bit old and creaky! )


my Samsung galaxy S10 256gb 5g has a huge screen, but when I use the Samsung music app the song title and artist are too small for me to read easily. 

if I increase phone text size anymore the words on other apps become overlapping and a mess. 

so , how do i increase the artist and title size in Samsung music player and lock screen.  thanks



You could try Magnification. It is available in the Settings under the Accessibility --> Visibility enhancements--> Magnification

Once you enable it, it will appear in the Accessibility button. You can choose to have that button in the navigation bar or as a floating icon on your screen. To set this up, under Accessibility, click on Advance settings --> Accessibility button and select your prefer nice here.

Hope this helps.

Screenshot_20220828-081650_Android System.jpg


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hello, I am new to the S10 after having the s9 and several previous galaxy phones. I'm still discovering what's under the bonnet of android 12.

the magnifier is a good suggestion, thank you. it's instructions are a little bonkers but I could get used to it.

I also like the notification history feature but not yet found a simple way to get to it once my clumsy fingers accidentally dismiss a notification

I've had the S10 5g since Friday after dropping my s9+. I'm already missing the s9 LED for missed calls and texts plus it's a useful charging indicator . also the s10 on screen fingerprint reader doesn't seem to be a patch on the S9s dedicated rear sensor. mentioning rear sensors this doesn't do heart rate and oxygen levels either, unless I'm missing a trick!

oops sorry, this is turning in to a bit of a rant! thanks for the magnifier tip, I'll give it a try, or maybe find a music player with bigger writing for partially sighted folks

I'm sure the s10 5g and android 12 have a lot to offer even though the problems outlined above are already making me miss the old s9+.

thank you Neo001, regards BB