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S10e suddenly overheating running out of ideas

(Topic created on: 31-07-2020 10:15 PM)
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Hi I'm looking for advice, I have had my phone since April 2019, it's been fine till yesterday. I was using it whilst charging and noticed it was hot which has happened before I assume because it's charging and always goes away when I unplug but this time it wouldn't. I tried restarting the phone, tried closing down all apps etc so I downloaded "cooler master" which confirmed it was overheating, I would follow the app and it would cool down momentarily but would soon be hot again. I also ran virus scan which showed up nothing.


I left it off overnight, but it did the same this morning, I uninstalled a bunch of apps and turned off background data for most of what's left. The only thing that is keeping it from overheating is having it on medium power saving mode. I wiped the cache partition but it hasn't helped. 


I don't know what else to try other than a factory reset. When it gets hot it starts on the left side (below the Bixby and volume buttons) and towards back of the phone, then it moves towards the screen and right side. I don't understand why it's been fine for over a year and now has decided to get all hot and I don't know what to try. I use my phone quite abit so am struggling with leaving it alone and I don't want to just keep it on power saving mode forever, I want to be able to use it like it's meant to be used. Is there anything else I can try? Thank you

For the overheating, have you tried putting the phone on safe mode? This temporarily disables all apps and allows you to see if it is a certain app causing the problem. If it is not, then I recommend contacting samsung by using there live chat feature.