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S10e screen shows scratches within 2 weeks of careful usage..

(Topic created on: 27/07/19 14:15)
Galaxy S10 Series



I have been using my S10e for 2 weeks and I couldn't be more happy with it. Before this I had a S6 (and before that a S4 and before that a S2) and again, the upgrade brings even more than I expected!


However, I notice that the screen seems to scratch shockingly easily. Within a few days already, a number of long, superficial scratches were visible, but now even a short, deeper scratch has appeared. This one especially is very visible and irritating. I have no idea how this is possible, because I treat my S10 very carefully, exactly the same way as my S6 before. I have had the S6 for 4 years, without it ever showing a single visible scratch (only a few very superficial ones over years of usage).


Hence, I was always impressed by the quality of the Samsung Galaxy screens, which makes it very surprising that the S10(e) seems so different in this regard. Is it just bad luck or are there more people with this experience?


Unfortunately, there no standard protector came with the S10e (as it does with the S10 and S10Plus) and - to my surprise - the scratches were already visible before I had the chance to attach a separate screen protector myself.