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S10e scratches or glue residue at the bottom bezel/frame??

(Topic created on: 17-12-2019 01:32 PM)
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Just got my S10e and had it for almost 2 weeks now, and I noticed that the bottom bezel(?) feels scratchy, as if there is scratches or glue residue. It doesn't feel smooth all around, as you can see the difference between the marked area and the corner of the phone in the picture below. I must admit that I have been very clumsy with this phone and dropped it a few times (not wearing case or screen protector), BUT there is not a single scrath anywhere else but where it is marked. It just feels like I ran sandpaper over the marked area, and I find it hard to believe that the marks comes from me dropping it due to the placement and texture of the marks. The marks feels very "uniform", if that makes sense.

 I don't carry my phone in the same pockets as my keys or anything similar. Only my headphones, if anything. 

Just wondering if anyone is experiencing a similar problem or can tell if this is just normal??



I have tried wiping it off, thinking it was dust built-up or glue residue, but no. It remains the same. 


Edit: so I noticed that the scratchy feeling is spreading to the side of the phone. I keep inspecting it every day to notice the changes and placing on a cushion pouf when not in use, and the scrathiness just seems really odd to me. I've tried scratching it with my natural NAILS to see if it really was scratches, and yes. It is indeed scratches. As if the paint/metal/glass  (or whatever it is made off) is chipping off.. Not a very durable phone 😞 

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Sometimes factory applied screen protectors that are applied can go like this @treefrnd 


A Samsung Experience Store  / Samsung Service Centre can take a look for you.


Unfortunately using a phone naked i.e no protection can have various types of damage caused due to accidental bumps and scrapes.



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