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S10e 4g LTE problems, general 6month review

(Topic created on: 20-10-2019 01:57 PM)
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Hello all. After 6 months of using the S10e, i am experiencing quite a few problems with the phone which a service center didnt solve, so i am trying here (hopefully i ll be heard).

For a long time now (not since the beginning) my apps are not behaving correctly while i am on 4g (data). My phone always shows i am on 4g, the signal is very strong in Athens, but a lot of apps are either laggy for a while until they work as they should, or the get stuck for good until i reset the phone.


Its like data are not distributed on my apps while i have tried everything: clearing cache, factory reset, data saver and battery saver off, bought a new sim etc. Spotify, Google Chrome and Facebook messenger are some of the apps that are affected the most. 


Note that if i tap off and on the data button, the apps are working in light speed as they should.


Another disturbing issue is that when i am on a call the 4g is lost completely i cannot use any internet-dependent app like maps which is very frustrating. Tried on and off the voLTE calls but no luck.


Lastly, apart from the poor image quality especially in low light (didnt expect mediocre photos with a flagship) a very dissapointing fact is the White performance of the screen. It is very poor and nothing like the S9+. Compared side by side with brightness to the max, mine is like yellow and this is terrible.


I have made the decision to wait until android10 to see if the data issue will be fixed. After that since not even service center did anything i am leaving Samsung for good. Any ideas are welcome but i am convinced that a fix from the devs is in order here..


Their LTE and WiFi coding is a mess and it doesn't work properly. Samsung has known since the release there are problems and here we are going into November and still no fix.


My conclusion is one of the following: They either borked their coding so bad they have no idea how to fix it at this point and are just redoing the code for Android 10 in hopes that fixes it.  Or, they used substandard hardware doing a bait and switch of what they actually promised and advertised and can't fix it.

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My thoughts exactly. If android 10 doesnt solve the issues, and the service center does not replace the phone i will have to take legal measures. It is dissapointing to say the least that neither official Samsung nor the community here acknowledges the issue and do something about it.
Needless to say that a flagship that costs a monthly wage and works like a chinese 100€ phone is a joke.

I have the same issue with a brand new A50. It is sent to repair but they cannot fix it. I will try to get my money back. Permanent solution.: STAY AWAY FROM SAMSUNG.