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s10 mms

(Topic created on: 07-02-2022 01:55 AM)
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Galaxy S10 Series

can anyone point me in the right direction here?

i just updated to android 12, one ui 4.0 and it will not send or receive mms messages, sometimes they will come through 24 hours later & other times it will not come or be received at all, sms all works fine.

i have tried to 

1. restart phone

2. clear message app cache and data

3. reset network settings

4. checked the apn setting & they're all correct

5. downloaded and tried a different messaging app from the play store

6. attempted to clear the cache partition but it will not go into system recovery more by holding down volume up, bixby and power at the same time after turning the phone off, it just restarts the phone as normal

mobile data is on & all updates installed,

i really dont want to factory reset the phone, 

i'm bewildered i have no idea what the problem is?


Helping Hand
Galaxy S10 Series
I would recommend maybe getting touch with your network provider they can check on their side if there's any issues they might be able to sort it out since I've updated my Samsung S10 I've had no issues at all with the phone in general my provider is 02 have you tried Google messenger they're pretty good , I hope you sort this issue out 🤙