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S10 Gallery, trouble moving photos

(Topic created on: 28-07-2022 04:58 AM)
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Galaxy S10 Series

I try again since I cant find my first post. I have a big problem with the gallery on my samsung s10, think I'm going crazy🤯

All the photos is in the main folder named pictures. I have created a lot of albums so I can sort and organize the thousands of photos. But now starts the problems, when I hold down the photo and choose move to album it will move, BUT a copy is still in my main folder..That means its hopeless to organize in a good way, because I want to move all photos to new albums so they got out of the way. 

If its help anyone to understand the issue, this happends when I copy... When I choose copy to album it moves to the album i want, BUT now it will be 2 copies of the same pic in the main folder + one in the new album..

I dont understand a ***** of this *****🥴 hope anyone have a solution! 🙏

#Gallery #photos #pictures #s10 #movepictures # movephotos #troubleshooting    

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@Anna999, Hello, first, restart your phone and check that you don't have any pending updates. Second - if the problem persists - I would make a copy of the contents of the Gallery and proceed to Uninstall updates to the Gallery app. Go to Settings /Applications and look for the Gallery App. In the options you will see three dots up-right, Uninstall updates. Once uninstalled, restart the phone and update manually  Gallery app. 

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