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S10 Clock Alarm notification

(Topic created on: 03-01-2022 10:57 PM)
Barbara Oregon
First Poster
Galaxy S10 Series

The Samsung Clock alarm notification used to appear on my Samsung Galaxy S10 phone and vibrate my wrist Fitbit, 5 minutes before the alarm would sound. 

Now, due to a Samsung update, the alarm notification appears on my phone and vibrates my Fitbit, 30 minutes before the alarm.

Once it vibrates on my Fitbit, it does not vibrate or give me a notification again, until the alarm goes off on the phone. I like to deal with the notification on my Fitbit, but not 30 minutes in advance.

 I don't want to turn off notifications, I just want to receive the notification 5 minutes before the alarm, not 30 minutes before the alarm. 

If I turn off notifications, then I get nothing on my Fitbit.

Does anyone know how to get the Samsung Clock app change the notification back to 5 minutes. (And this has nothing to do with the snooze intervals)

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

First Poster
Galaxy S10 Series

I am experiencing the same thing.  I liked the 5 minute pre-alert before the actual alarm went off.  I wish they had left it as is.  Can't find a user solution to change it to 5 minutes.  WOULD BE NICE IF SAMSUNG WOULD WEIGH IN WITH INFORMATONI/ANSWER.