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S10+ Bluetooth Disconect

(Topic created on: 06-08-2020 09:33 PM)
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had my s10+ for a while now and with android 10 started having drops in bluetooth connection while driving. thoguht it would be fixed next update and switch to radio. had a few updates since and still the same. got to the point where i just want it working so i flashed a rom. now running lineage os 17.1 and the problem has followed. plz help this is doing my head in.


tryed other device on car (s7 works).

cleared evey cash/ factory reset.

factory reset device from both in os and from the boot manager.

battery optimisation set up to not optimise anything.


found it dosnt happen on first pair but this means i have to un pair and re pair every time i drive.

can trigger bluetooth drop with waking the device if it has been locked.

also drop just for fun at random times.


might just burn the phone at this point spend 50 hours+ trying to fix this.