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S10 battery life.

(Topic created on: 29/09/20 11:06)
New Member
Galaxy S10 Series
Hi all,
I've just got a Galaxy S10 mobile phone, I got it to replace my S7 as I thought the battery life would be much better and then I could get myself a Smart watch, unfortunately the battery performance seems to be pretty rubbish, not even as good as my S7 I would even say. 
Does anyone have any good tips it's as to how I can can make my battery last longer please? 
Superuser I
Superuser I
Galaxy S10 Series

Hi @SuzieSoo Are you using the optimisation tool within Device care?   You have a few options in Power Mode, High performance will use up more Battery Life so think optimised is a good choice  or you could consider Medium power Saving.  Best to only have Wi-fi and Bluetooth on  when you need them (though the Covid-19 apps require  bluetooth ) You can put some apps to sleep so they are not always running in the background and may wish to look at sync settings for some apps.    More detail here: