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s10 4g connection terrible

(Topic created on: 30-05-2020 05:19 PM)
Galaxy S10 Series

My friend for a laugh was boasting to me about his new connection speeds. I knew mine was slower, and ran a speed test to show him..

But wow!! And not in the good sense.


I only got my s10 back in Feb, and im sure it was faster back then as I even went on holiday with it and no issues. But in the last couple of months, I thought it was getting slower, but put it down to just me being impatient. Ive always used it/my main phone with 4G connection as a mobile hotspot for my devices without a connection occasionally when im out (ie tablet, or another phone), but lately when anything is connected to it, none of the devices work very well as if the data just cant cope anymore splitting the connection.

Anyway. Did a speed test on the mobile data connection, in fact, done several, and the speeds im getting have ranged from 0.29 to 4.3mbps download, and 0.12 to 0.73mbps upload which are absolutley rediculous! My old Sony phone which I had previously used to get much higher speeds than that I recall.


My wifi connection has also been slow on my s10, and older s7 phone, yet my s5e tablet and the older sony phone come in the same as my pc.

The s10's wifi did improve briefly on a soft reset but has now gone back down to only 31mbps download/11mbps upload on average, but the s7 hasnt at all and has stuck around the 23-26mbps download, and 10-11mbps upload. As a comparason, the other devices are getting around 55mbps download and 11mbps upload speeds. Is there a particular reason the two sony mobile phones have such bad data/wifi performance in particular??


To summerise..the two samsung phones are getting half or less the download speeds of everything else on wifi, all of them are on 5Ghz band.

Galaxy S10 Series

Yup, the networking is an absolute disgrace on this device.... And they clearly have no plans on fixing anything after all this time.


Now they want people to buy the S20 at even more money.. LOL No Way.... This is my last Samsung, will never buy another overpriced poorly coded device from them again....