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Ring volume

(Topic created on: 23-12-2022 12:00 PM)
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Galaxy S10 Series
Hi. I've searched the web and looked everywhere for help but I keep finding missed calls on my phone (s10+) because my ringtone volume keeps dropping down to nothing. It seems intermittent as I can't find what it is. My phone is set for DND at set times for the night, and I thought it might be this, but some mornings the volume will return as the DND expires and all is good. The only thing that seems to affect it more regularly is using headphones, which seems crazy. Either way it's infuriating that anything other than me should take control of any of my settings, but hey, the creators of these things seem to know what's best for us don't they? Any help or advice is appreciated.
Galaxy S10 Series

Hi, @absolutelypeevedI'm sorry to hear that you have encountered this issue. It's certainly quite unusual.

I'd recommend heading to Settings > Sounds and vibration > Volume, and making sure that the Ringtone slider is at a suitable level. Now, please head to the Phone app > Tap the 3 dots in the top right > Settings > Call alert and ringtone > Vibrate while ringing > On.

The vibration against a flat surface can be quite loud, and can help to alert you to any incoming calls if you're asleep or otherwise occupied. 

Aside from this, I'd recommend ensuring that your S10+ is fully-up-date (all apps and the software update).

Here's a helpful thread from the Samsung US Community about making the ringtone sound whilst your phone is connected to headphones:

Please let me know whether this helps.