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One UI Beta Wont Get Off My Phone

(Topic created on: 17-06-2020 04:35 AM)
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I have tried everything to remove the One UI Beta from my phone since it ended MONTHS ago with no luck. I have tried every samsung how to, I have factory reset, nothing. I tried samsung tech support and they said I had to go thru Samsung Premium care. Samsung premium care didnt even know what ONE UI Beta was, and kept telling me to just "uninstall whatever app is causing me issues". How is it that no one at samsung knows hot to get this off of my phone?


Can anyone offer any tips on how to remove this garbage software before I give up and buy a motorola? 

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Hi @bmathess 


This is one of a few reasons why I personally decline to participate in the Samsung Beta Programme.


I need my daily driver to be stable and not have to deal with any technical issues.


I do however tip my hat to those that do participate.




"How can I quit Galaxy beta Program?


You can cancel through “Withdraw from Galaxy Beta Program” under the “Settings” menu in the “Samsung Members” app.


In order to use the official software and services, be sure to re-install (rollback) the final version of the official software.


You can re-install software by using the PC version of Smart Switch. Once the software is re-installed, the device will be reset and all data that was generated during the Galaxy Beta Program will be erased.


(You can find details from FAQ #10 below.)


All data which had been backed up before installing the beta software can be recovered, but there may be limitations in recovering data that was created after installing the beta software. "


My apologies if you've gone through this.


In the Uk we have Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centres that can help with issues like yours.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 


🌈 Stay Safe  🌈 



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