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No pro mode for video

(Topic created on: 12-03-2019 06:35 PM)

So did I just buy a 1000€ phone and I can't record video in pro mode? This was one of the 3 reasons I decided to go with Samsung as my S7 was awesome for videos. Maybe I can return it and get the mate pro. 

There is currently a feature request at R&D which is looking at such functionality, no promises but I know that they are definitely looking into it.
Today I received my S10 and I got to say that I agree with you. For almost 3 years I been use S7 edge and I love it. After all this time I thought that I can finally can replace my S7edge but I was so wrong. I brought S10 on 2 years contract in Comviq Sweden operator. Thank god I was able to cancel it and send back mine S10 and I will tell you why:
In less then 30 minutes I was able to found this:
S10 can't switch between cameras in video recording 1080P 60fps and 4K 60fps mode. You are stuck with only one main camera.
S10 don't have PRO mode for video recording.
S10 have lower low light and indoors pictures quality compare to my S7 edge and my wife S8.
S10 have Power-button way up on the side which make it very hard to use with one hand.
S10 USB C charging port is soldered directly to the motherboard so If you damage it basically you have to replace whole motherboard.
S10 feels a bit more hollow when you knock it with the finger on the back glass compare to my S7 edge.
S10 on Youtube App has only 1080p resolution supported while my S7 edge has 1440p
I found this very disappointing and very frustrating that not even one ''PRO'' reviewers on YouTube mention any of this?!
For 1000Euro?! Come on Samsung!
Again big thanks to Comviq for letting me to return S10 back and roll back my old monthly subscription!